Facilities/Building infrastructure

The Master’s Program provides its students with:

Courses are held in modern classrooms, fully equipped with electronic means of teaching and fast and reliable internet access.

-Moodle e-platform
Training course material (except for basic textbooks) is available online on the programme’s website and it can be accessed through a Moodle platform by students.

-Enterprise Resource Laboratory (ERP LAB)
The Department of Accounting and Finance of the Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki stands out in the field of Greek Higher Education for its expertise in ERP System applications, developed by its staff members. An ERP Lab with a stand-alone installation of SAP has been implemented since 2003. The department has also been an active member of the global community "SAP University Alliances" since 2012. The “SAP University Alliances” connects universities worldwide, providing high quality educational services through the use of the latest version of the state - of - the - art SAP ERP software.

-TEI Library
The Central Library’s aim, through its rich and regularly updated collection and services, is to serve the needs of the entire academic community for information, always within the institute’s curriculum, the teachers’ and students’ research and recreational interests and the cultural interests of the wider academic community.

-MES Seminary
The Seminary of Management and Economics School has been operating since 1989 on the first floor of the Librarianship and Information Systems Department and the Department of Marketing and Advertising. It is an integral part of the Central Library, which serves the needs of both the educational and the administrative staff members and students (graduate and undergraduate). The MES Seminary’s collection consists of a number of Greek and foreign textbooks and magazines. There is also online access to information in other databases for further research. The MSE Library is a place where students can study and find books to borrow.

-The TEI Auditorium is where conferences and special events are held.