Graduate’s profile

The graduates of the programme can be employed as financial analysts, business consultants, investment assessors, financial advisors, investment consultants, internal audit managers for enterprises and organizations, external auditors, business and information systems consultants or hold any other position related to the areas of Finance, Accounting or Enterprise Systems in both private or public sector. They are also given the chance to promote the development of research on the fields above by pursuing a doctoral diploma either in the same Department (when the institutional framework allows for it) or in another Higher Education Institution in the same country or abroad.

Duration of studies
It is a full-time programme and the minimum duration of studies leading to the M.Sc. degree is three (3) semesters. In the third semester, students have to successfully defend their M.Sc. thesis.

Attendance is mandatory. The maximum number of hours of absence that students are allowed to make is 30% of the total teaching hours of a semester.

Number of admitted students
The minimum number of students admitted in the Master’s Programme is thirty (30) per year of studies and can reach a maximum number of forty (40) students per year.

Tuition cost for the Master's Program is 3.000€ and can be paid off in three (3) installments.