Organizational Structure

The programme is run by the administrative bodies that are stipulated by law 3685/08, Article 2, that refers to postgraduate studies in greek universities:

The Special Composition Body of the Accounting and Finance Department consists of the president, the research members of the Department’s General Assembly and two representatives of the postgraduate students. The Special Composition Body is responsible for the preparation and presentation of the programme’s proposals, the approval of the programme’s budget, the appointment of advisory and steering committees, the establishment of committees that admit or examine candidate graduate students and the settlement of any matters provided for by individual provisions.

The Coordinating Committee of Graduate Studies consists of the director, the deputy director and two members of the Special Composition Body. The Coordinating Committee serves two-year terms and is responsible for monitoring and coordinating the programme’s operation.

The programme’s Director, who is the chairman of the Coordinating Committee of Graduate Studies, is appointed by the Special Composition Body. He serves two-year terms and can exercise his duties while being exempt from some of his teaching duties. The Director must be either a Professor or an Associate Professor, of the same or of a subject related to that of the programme. The responsibilities of the Director are:

  • to prepare the Coordinating Committee‘s daily agenda, call meetings, preside over them and make sure that the Committee’s decisions are executed successfuly.
  • to establish committees responsible for the study and handling of specific issues and to preside over the programme’s services.
  • to set up the budget and to draw up the financial statement of the programme, while working in tandem with the Financial Management Committee, submit them both annually to the Special Composition Body, monitor the budget’s implementation and issue related costs’ payment orders. The Director can be replaced by a Coordinating Committee member, appointed as a Deputy Director by the Special Composition Body for a two-year term. The Special Composition Body also appoints the following committees:
    • The Student Selection Committee that evaluates the programme candidates (appointed for a 2-year term).
    • The Financial Management Committee (ESA) that is responsible for setting up the budget and for preparing the financial report of the program.